We are currently providing virtual assessments, if you require any help please call us on 02891 859664 or email info@ballyholmephysiopractice.co.uk. We will provide any updates about our working methods as and when we get more information through from our governing body.

Ballyholme Physiotherapy Practice & Sports Injury Clinic is a well established musculo-skeletal physiotherapy practice in the Bangor area of Northern Ireland.  Norman and Emma are father and daughter and, prior to setting up a practice here, they ran a large clinic in Coventry, England, which was established for more than twenty-five years and was known as Pilgrim Physiotherapy Practice.  This is still a working establishment with new owners.  We have been visiting this area for many years to see our family and, apart from wanting to be close to our family, we have become very attached to this locality.

On visiting our Practice you will be thoroughly assessed and given an explanation of your condition.  Treatment will depend on clinical findings but will often consist of manual and exercise therapy, normally with an individual exercise programme to meet your particular needs.  Advice with regards to lifestyle in terms of work, sport and hobbies will also be given.  If your condition is considered inappropriate for physiotherapy treatment or, it is considered that you require further investigations, you will be referred back to your G.P. or another health professional.

It is not always necessary to obtain a doctor’s referral, however, the Physiotherapist works closely with the G.P. and, if necessary, will keep them advised of treatment given.

If you are claiming your fees through medical insurance, some companies require a Doctor’s referral.  You may check this with the individual companies help line.

For further enquires contact us